Terminology: The Ultimate List

Craps Terminology: The Ultimate List

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It may be the worlds’ most common dice game, but many still don’t understand the craps terminology used at the table. 

Having a copy of all the vocabulary is beneficial for gaining a better understanding of this game. We’ve gathered the frequent terminology used at the craps table so you can be clued in the next time you play dice.


For your convenience, we put the terms in alphabetical order. Let’s get into it. 


  • Ace: A dice with 1 dot.
  • Aces: When the player places a bet assuming that the following number rolled will be a 2. 
  • Arm: A person who gets good values or is quick at shooting the dice.
  • Ace Deuce / Three Craps: Rolling a die that equals 3.
  • Any Seven: When you bet that the next rolled number will be 7.
  • Any Craps: Common street craps terminology referring to anytime a player bets the next dice number will be a 2,3, or 12. This wager is used in the middle table and if you’re correct, you could win 8:1 (depending on the game’s rules).


  • Big Red: Alternate term for the value seven.
  • Black: Slang referring to the black chips, which are usually worth $100. 
  • Betting Right: Also known as ‘right bettors’, these players typically put bets on the pass line. They bet with the shooter, so we say they’re betting right. 
  • Bones: Another word to describe dice at the craps table.
  • Boxcars: Also known as Midnight or Twelve Craps. Refers to the number 12. 
  • Box Numbers: The numbers 4,5,6,8,9,10 which are commonly used for place bets. 
  • Boys: A common slang to refer to the dealers.
  • Boxman: Someone who sits between the dealers and watches the table. Kind of like a referee for craps.
  • Betting Wrong: Putting bets on the don’t pass lines, thus betting against the shooter. This term is the opposite of betting right. 


  • Cold Dice: An expression for when players aren’t making their point. 
  • Come-out roll: The initial roll of the dice for a point.
  • Come bet: This bet comes after a point has been set.
  • Crap Numbers: Digits 2, 3, and 12. 
  • Colour In: Craps terminology for when you leave the table and swap your low-value chips for higher ones. 
  • Craps Check: When you decide to bet on craps during the come-out roll as a means to protect your pass-line stake. 


  • Don’t Come bet: A don’t pass stake that you can make when the dealer establishes a point. 
  • Double odds: When your wager is double the amount of the initial pass or come bet. 
  • Don’t Pass bet: Betting that a shooter won’t achieve their point.
  • Down: Lowering or removing a stake.


  • Easy Way: Rolling a 4, 6, 8, or 10 without having to roll a pair.
  • Eye in the sky: The surveillance department that watches the players and croupiers.
  • Edge: Another way to refer to the house edge.
  • Even Money: If any stake pays out 1:1.


  • Fever: A slang phrase referring to when someone rolls a 5. 
  • Front Line: Alternate way to refer to the pass bet line.
  • Free Odds: A bet with no house edge attached that has to be played alongside another bet on the table. Some examples include a pass, come, don’t pass, and don’t come.


  • Garden: Slang phrase used to describe a field bet.
  • Green: Informal craps terminology for the $25 green gaming chips.


  • Hard Number: When you roll the dice and get a pair of doubles. 
  • Hi-Lo: A stake that’s set on a roll of 2 or 12.
  • Hard Way Bet: A stake on the shooter when rolling a hard number.
  • Hot Table: When most players at the table are winning, they call it a hot table. 
  • Horn Bet: A proposition bet consisting of a one-roll bet that the upcoming roll is a 2,3,11 or 12.
  • House Edge: The statistical advantage of the casino over the players as per every bet they make. For craps tables, it ranges from 1.52% to 16.90%.


  • Little Joe: Slang word for a pair of twos or a hard 4.
  • Lay bet: Betting that someone will roll a 7 before your chosen number appears.
  • Lay Odds: When additional bets are welcome after the croupier announces a point. 
  • Low: A single roll bet aiming for a 2.


  • Mark the Point: When the dealer reveals the puck where it’s visible so players can see the point value.
  • Midnight: Craps slang for 12.


  • One Roll bet: A stake placed on a singular dice roll.
  • Odds bet: When you add a stake to the pass line section for bets.
  • Outside Numbers: 4,10,5,9.
  • Off: Showing that you won’t be betting for the upcoming dice roll. 
  • On: When you’re actively betting. 


  • Point: A popular word used to describe the number given from a come-out roll.
  • Pass Line Bet: Making a bet that the shooter attains the point on the come-out roll
  • Push: Refers to a tie between a few players.


  • Right Better: When you have a bet set on the pass line.
  • Rack: The place to store your chips in land-based casinos. 


  • Snake Eyes: Slang for the number two
  • Seven Out: If a shooter gets a seven prior to the dealer making the point, therefore failing to hit the pass line bet.
  • Shooter: Craps terminology for when the player who’s throwing the dice.
  • Stickman: When the croupier hands the dice to the shooter using a stick, while calling the rolls.


  • World bet: When you bet on any horn number plus a seven. 
  • Wrong Bettor: Placing a bet at odds with the shooter. 


  • Yo or Yo-leven: Used when rolling eleven to prevent confusion around seven and eleven, as they may sound the same. 

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