machine symbols at Mr Bet casino explained

Slot machine symbols at Mr Bet casino explained

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Are you a pokies enthusiast frequently hitting those reels but you don’t know the story behind these in-game icons? Besides being a beauty to behold, slot machine symbols at Mr Bet casino add value and adventure to every spin. 

It’s an excellent idea to learn more about them, as it could be the missing link to your ultimate casino experience. 

Come along as we dive into the different pokie symbols at Mr Bet. We’ll review what they stand for, their variations, and how they influence your sessions. Let’s get started. 

The global slots outlook

Before delving into the world of pokie symbols, let’s review how the slots industry fairs. The gaming sector is one of the most vibrant sources of entertainment. Did you know about 26% of the global population participates in online casinos? 

At least one in ten adults indulges in classic pokies in New Zealand. As of 2021, there were approximately 14,743 slot machines in this nation’s pubs, clubs, and TABs. 

In the United States, one of the largest gaming markets, 48% of casino visitors play pokies. This growing fame is due to the rise in online and mobile slots, and the emergence of exciting versions like progressive titles. 

At Mr Bet, slot machines are popular for many reasons, including:

  • Colourful interfaces
  • Adventurous storylines
  • Catchy bonus features
  • Immersive gameplay
  • Wide game variety

While all these qualities provide incredible inspiration, nothing fuels the pokie passion like the stunning in-game symbols. 

Let’s dig into the most common slot symbols appealing to many New Zealand players, but first, a brief history.

The evolution of slot machine symbols

Slot machines are a century-old invention that’s constantly evolving. From hitting coin-operated three-reel pokies and winning drinks and cigars to modern five-wheel designs, the journey has been thrilling. 

Slot machine symbols

What were the novel slot machine symbols?

The original pokie symbols included items like a horseshoe, bell, and card suits (spades, diamonds, and hearts). 

Hitting three bell combinations was the biggest win back then, paying out about 50 cents (what we call a “jackpot” today).

With advancement came the classic fruit symbols from which the name “fruit machines” was coined. The preferred crop choices were watermelons, lemons, plums, cherries, and apples. 

Their design was anchored on the machine paying out in chewing gum or fruit sweets. Over time, winnings translated to hard cash. 

The advent of card-themed symbols and lucky numbers

Playing cards such as Jacks, Aces, Kings, and Queens were also featured in the pioneering symbols. 

This concept birthed one of the most-used icons in modern gameplay; the lucky number seven. Landing three of these digits usually had the most lucrative payout.

Today, the traditional symbols are still popular across many slot machines, but game developers have aced their aesthetic. Theme-specific icons are more common as they appeal to evolving player preferences.

The number of symbols on a machine depends on the type of slot. Study the game’s paytable to distinguish the different icons, what they represent, and the combinations that trigger a payout.

Standard symbols

Standard slot symbols are the most basic emblems integrated into almost every classic game design. 

The two mainly used standard emblems are the conventional fruit pieces and card-based symbols. 

The former usually entails grapes, watermelons, oranges, lemons, and cherries, whereas the latter features the Ace, Ten, Jack, King, and Queen. 

Some players believe fruit emblems represent higher payouts than their card-based counterparts. 

Scatter symbols

Scatter slot symbols are some of the rarest icons mainly found in video pokies. Due to their scantiness, many players believe these emblems are harder to hit than their counterparts.

Depending on the slot machine, scatters may trigger different effects, from free spins to bonus games, boosting your winning chances. 

You may receive a fixed amount of spins or, according to the number of scatters landed on the reels.

The exceptional advantage of these icons is they don’t have to be part of a winning combination or payline to activate a reward.

In most slot games, you need at least three scatters anywhere on the wheels to trigger a bonus effect. 

Besides setting off other rewards, these sought-after emblems can offer payouts. Note that their cashouts may be lower than what a full payline would offer. 

Wild symbols

Wild slot symbols are among the most coveted emblems because they usually count as jokers with potential mystery prizes. They can substitute any other icons on the reels except scatters and bonus features.

This unique rationale may boost your chances of matching the winning combinations. If you have a watermelon on the first and second reels and wild on the third, it transforms to match the fruit. By acting as the melon, it completes your reward payline.

While wilds rarely offer payouts by themselves, some slot machines support this function, and the cash-out is usually high. 

Some pokies feature symbols with special effects like expanding wilds, which may extend vertically or horizontally, occupying the entire reel they’re on. 

They replace all the icons on their path in either direction, increasing their possibility to form part of the payline. Remember to check whether the wild symbol appears on all reels or only on particular ones.

Sticky symbols

Sticky symbols are among the latest slot inventions infused to maximise a player’s boon. If you land one of these icons on the reels, it stays fixed in that position for several pokie spins. 

You might get lucky if this emblem is attached to some bonus features. For instance, sticky scatters and wilds offer you extra spins, helping maximise your round. 

The more you rotate the wheel, the higher your chances of hitting a winning combination. Most sticky symbols appear at the end of the reels.

Slot machine symbols

Stacked symbols

Stacked symbols are player-favourites thanks to their profitable tendencies. They occupy a large portion of the reels, increasing their chances of forming part of the payline. 

So if you land one of these, your odds of hitting a winning combination go up. These emblems may be standard (bonus round equivalents) or carry higher rewards like wilds. 

Bonus symbols

These enviable slot symbols trigger bonus features like extra rounds, casino games, free spins, or progressive jackpots. Sometimes they lead players to unlock new adventure levels altogether.

They function as scatters, requiring a minimum number to trigger a reward. The only exception with bonus symbols is that they must appear in specific positions to activate a feature. 

Check the paytable before playing to understand how to set off the bonus game, since their mechanics may differ.

Multiplier symbols

Multiplier symbols are rare, but if you land on them, they increase your payouts by a specific number. 

The most common win-boosting multiples are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 6x your stake, but it could be higher in some games. These emblems are usually active during bonus rounds or free spins. 

The most profitable multipliers often double as wild symbols, increasing the value of winning combinations they’re part of. Due to their high return potential, these icons are typically few on the reels of most games. 

Spot a variety of slot symbols at Mr Bet

The world of slot machines is in rapid motion. From the 19th century to the present online gaming age, pokies have become more creative, exciting, and sophisticated with their symbols.

Thanks to an expansive selection of in-game icons, New Zealand players stand a higher chance of scooping the prize. Besides winnings, these unique emblems boast stunning animations and interactive entertainment to fuel your adrenaline tank.

What’s not to love about modern slot machine symbols? Now that you know what to expect from each icon, maximise your gameplay with rewards and fun-filled action. Sign up at Mr Bet to get started.

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