advanced poker strategies to gain an edge at the table

7 advanced poker strategies to gain an edge at the table

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  1. Know the poker basics
  2. Pot control
  3. Table position
  4. Time your decisions
  5. The 5-minute rule
  6. Multi-tabling
  7. Stack managemen

Master your game with these advanced poker strategies! 

Whether a new player or a seasoned pro, there’s always room to improve your game with an advanced poker strategy. Contenders of all levels can enjoy this famous pastime, but learning a few techniques could give you an edge.

We’re about to cover a range of sophisticated methods, from pot control to the five-minute rule. Use our guide to understand the game dynamics and become a better poker player.

Are you ready to dominate the Mr Bet New Zealand card tables? Grab a pencil and get ready to take notes on these seven strategies to outsmart your opponents during your next game.

1. Know the poker basics

Knowledge of the poker basics builds a firm foundation for adding more advanced techniques to your skill set. Learn the various hands, their relative strengths, and the game’s betting structure to make informed decisions. 

Players at higher levels know how to outwit you using fancy bluffs and traps, but they also fold when necessary. Instead of overthinking and failing, go back to your fundamentals. Play a strong set of cards or exit the game if it’s no longer profitable.

2. Pot control

This advanced poker strategy involves betting or raising just enough to keep the pot small, limiting risks to your bankroll. It’s the opposite of pot building, which aims to grow winnings as much as possible.

Implement the technique when holding a strong but vulnerable hand, like a top pair or flush draw. Pot control can also help minimise losses when you’re up against aggressive players likely to bet big and put you under pressure.

The method is a powerful tool in your poker arsenal but is also high-risk. Should your opponents notice you’re too tight with your wagers, they might outplay you.

Pay attention to your contenders, stay aware of the pot size, and be ready to adjust your strategy to keep everyone guessing.

3. Table position

Choose your seat carefully before starting a game, as your location at the table affects your profitability. 

By being in the late position, you play your hands using valuable information from your opponent’s moves. This seat gives you the following advantages:

  • You have more betting options as you know more about your contenders’ hands.
  • Allows you to use pot odds. 
  • Gives you the opportunity to bluff more effectively. 
  • Allows you to change your tactics based on the table dynamics.
  • Helps you identify and exploit weaknesses in your opponents’ play.

4. Time your decisions


Seasoned, high-level players can easily predict when you’re about to implement a technique. One of the best Texas Holdem poker strategies for advanced games is to keep your moves up your sleeves.

Ensure the time you take to make your decisions is the same during each round. This method hides your thoughts, as your opponents can’t predict your play based on how long you take to choose your tactic. 

5. The 5-minute rule

Use this technique while bluffing to introduce more variability to your play. Should you pretend to have a better hand too often, your contenders might pick up on it and not fall for the move.

After bluffing within a five-minute period, don’t use the tactic again for the rest of the hour of that window. You won’t expose your strategy and or have to overthink before each play. Should you know a bluff is your best bet, disregard the rule.

A variation of this technique is to take five minutes to weigh your options when faced with a tough decision. Take the time to analyse your situation, consider the pot odds, and think about the consequences of several actions.

The method can help you avoid impulsive or emotional reactions that lead to costly mistakes. It’s a valuable advanced online poker tournament strategy, where a poor move significantly affects your winning chances.

6. Multi-tabling

Multi-tabling involves playing various online poker games simultaneously to raise your hourly win rate. By joining several Mr Bet tables at once, you increase your number of hands played per hour, making wins more likely.

Professional and high-volume competitors commonly use this technique to maximise profits and accumulate chips quickly.

Multi-tabling requires high focus and concentration levels, a solid understanding of poker rules, and the ability to make quick, accurate decisions. These requirements mean the tactic isn’t suitable for all players.

7. Stack management

During multi-table tournaments (MTTs), your stack, or your number of chips, forms a crucial part of your game. It shows your competitors whether you’re vulnerable or strong and keeps you in control. 

Stack management is an essential advanced MTT poker strategy. The method’s goal is to maintain a healthy amount of chips to give you an advantage over your opponents.

Avoid unnecessary risks and only play hands with strong chances of success. Manage your wagers, ensuring you don’t risk too much of your stack during a single round. Also, watch your competition to exploit their weaknesses and grow your chips.

These approaches should ensure your stack stays larger than your fellow players and help you reach the last table.

Master your game with these advanced poker strategies! 

While advanced poker strategies can help you increase your winning chances, it’s crucial to remember the game is one of chance. Implementing our techniques can improve your overall performance, but never guarantees wins.

Have realistic expectations, be aware of your limits and maintain a positive attitude for the best possible experience at Mr Bet New Zealand. You could become a skilled poker player with the right mindset and correct tactics.

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