slots: A comprehensive guide

Progressive slots: A comprehensive guide

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Progressive slots

Progressive slot machines are one of the most popular slot games in Canada, located in online casinos and across the globe. But what makes them famous among competitive gamers?

Let’s take a deep dive into the progressive jackpot’s world and explain what they are and how they work. We’ll also reveal the top selections to try at Mr Bet casino.

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What is a progressive slot machine?

If you’ve played regular online slots before, you might know that its jackpot doesn’t increase regardless of the times you play. The prize pool in progressive casino slot machines is different since it jacks up as more people play.

With each real money wager a player makes, a small percentage goes toward the grand prize total. More people playing the game means a larger jackpot, potentially reaching around six or seven figures of real money.

The prize keeps rising until a lucky player hits the jackpot. After this, the values reset to a programmed amount and start rising again.

How does progressive slots work

How does a progressive slot machine work?

You already have an idea of what progressive slot machines are, but do you know how they work? If not, worry less. We’ll explain these slots below.

The working mechanism of these games involves these three concepts:

  • Seed amount: Refers to the default prize amount that the game developer has set. Progressive games don’t start at zero but a seed amount, and if it’s not won, it keeps increasing.

  • Contribution: A small percentage of every real money wager goes to the jackpot. This contribution is taken from all slot players, increasing the prize to thousands of dollars.

  • Jackpot: The amount you can win while playing the progressive slot games. This prize keeps rising with each bet placed.

When you hit the jackpot in a progressive slot, the game returns to its seed amount. This reset allows players to build up a new prize pool for the next big win.

Different types of progressive slots

Since their invention, progressive casino slots have been evolving to bring players more exciting features and winnings. Let’s look at the different types of these slots.

Standalone progressive slots

These “independent” slots aren’t linked to other machines or networks. Their jackpot total increases with a percentage of every wager placed on the machine.

These slots mostly have a front meter displaying the value of the possible payout. Since they aren’t connected to other machines, they offer a lower jackpot than other progressive slots.

A standalone progressive game provides players with an opportunity to win big without risking too much. It also has a higher winning probability since fewer people play it, but the payouts range around several thousand.

Local progressive slots

In-house jackpots offer a higher payout than standalone progressives since they're linked locally. Online casinos connect several games and take a percentage of all wagers of the qualifying slots to form the in-house jackpot.

These are the most preferred progressive slot games amongst players since they offer handsome payouts and moderate winning probability. Their grand prize usually ranges around tens of thousands of real money.

Wide area network progressive slots

Ever seen an online slot with a jackpot worth six or seven figures? That must’ve been a wide area network progressive slot. These slots involve a network of machines provided by various casinos.

One or more software providers may operate the game and then make it available to players in different casinos. The gaming company pays the casinos a percentage of the wagers.

Since they’re connected to a vast network, they offer the biggest jackpots. Their grand prize mostly ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions.

Due to their staggering payouts, they attract a lot of players. The probability of winning is low, but hitting the jackpot could be life-changing.

For instance, the Guinness Book of Records documented the biggest online slot win on 6th October 2015. UK player Jonathan Heywood won £13,213,838.68 after playing the Mega Moolah jackpot provided by Microgaming!

Best strategy for progressive slots

What are the strategies for progressive slots?

Progressive slot games have the same gameplay as their regular counterparts. If you've played regular online titles before, you won’t have trouble with progressives. If you're a novice, try the demo mode before using real money.

Winning a progressive slot is all about luck. Some players have superstitions about winning, but there are, unfortunately, no proven slot strategies to try. We can, however, recommend that you consider these aspects when selecting a progressive slot game to play.

Aspects Why consider it?
Volatility Jackpot slots have low, medium, and high volatility. Games with low volatility record more wins but small rewards and vice versa. If you’re chasing the jackpot, go for the slot with the highest volatility.
Minimum bet Check the game’s minimum bet requirements for hitting the jackpot. Ensure your wager qualifies to win the highest payout in the slot.
Set your bankroll To avoid overspending while chasing the massive jackpot, set your budget or loss limit and stick to it. The best strategy is starting small and maxing your bet after realizing some profits.
Return to Player (RTP) percentage Select slots with a high RTP as they have a higher winning probability. Progressives with a 94% or higher RTP rating are the most ideal.

The 5 most popular progressive slots

Now that you’ve discovered how progressive slot machines work, are you ready to give them a try? Check out these five popular jackpot slots at Mr Bet Casino that you can play:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Mercy of the Gods
  • Mega Fortune Dreams
  • Divine Fortune
  • Hall of Gods

Try progressive slots at Mr Bet Canada

Whether you’re in Canada or vacating anywhere in the world, enjoy jackpot slots at Mr Bet Casino. We offer numerous online slots from reputable game providers such as Microgaming and Evolution Gaming.

Are you ready to feel the thrill of progressive slot games and stand a chance of winning eye-popping bonuses? Check our online slots section and try your favourite slot.

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