values in online blackjack: A handy guide

Card values in online blackjack: A handy guide

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Blackjack card values

With its balanced combination of luck and skill, it’s obvious why Mr Bet Canada players love to play blackjack. This game offers the perfect blend of action and strategy once you understand blackjack card values and memorize basic tactics.

Do you want to learn what it takes to compete against the dealer? Read on to find our handy guide on card values, along with some tips to sharpen your playing. You’ll get to the table and give’r in no time.

The aim of the game

A blackjack table seats one dealer and up to seven players. Don’t be too concerned about your fellow participants as they’re just a distraction from your real opponent: the dealer. The game aims to achieve a hand close to or equal to 21 that’s better than the croupier’s.

How to calculate your hand

Knowing what your hand is worth is crucial to playing the game. Calculating the value of your cards is simple once you know the number each one represents.

It’s standard to use up to eight decks of 52 cards, depending on the number of players. This amount prevents the dealer from having to shuffle after each round.

You need to know these card values in blackjack:

  • Ace: 1 or 11
  • Face cards: 10
  • Number cards: Face value
Handy Blackjack Strategy Guid

A handy guide on how blackjack works

After placing a wager, you get two face-up cards from the croupier. One of the dealer’s cards remains face down, with the other stays face-up (called the upcard). Here’s what could happen next:

  • Blackjack: Should your first two cards equal 21, you achieve blackjack. You win the game if the dealer doesn’t have a hand of 21. This achievement is also called a natural.
  • Hitting: If your first two cards don’t get blackjack, you go up against the croupier. Keep requesting more until you reach your target hand. Asking for additional cards is called hitting.
  • Bust: If your cards exceed 21, it’s a bust and an automatic loss.
  • Stand: If you’re confident in your hand or finished hitting, you stand.

Any new cards received add to your total score, so consider if hitting might get you over 21. The worst blackjack hand is 16, as there’s a good chance you may go bust if you hit. Once all participants have finished, the dealer completes their hand.

Get an edge over the dealer

The croupier has an advantage because players look at their cards first. Should any of them go bust, the dealer doesn’t risk exceeding 21.

Don’t start chirping, though, as players have more than one edge over their opponent. As you’re able to see one of the dealer’s cards, you can adjust your tactics accordingly.

Along with knowing the card values for online blackjack, you get these additional advantages:


If you’re dealt two cards with the same value, like a pair of eights, it’s possible to split them. Splitting involves separating the cards into two hands and making an additional bet. It’s more expensive than standing, but you have better odds of winning the round.

Double down

This tactic allows you to double the size of your original wager. Place another bet on the table equal to your first, and you receive an additional card from the dealer. You won’t have the option of taking any further hits after using this tactic.

The dealer’s turn

Once the final player stands or busts, the dealer must turn over their second card. Should the cards total 17 or more, the croupier stands. With a score of less than 16, the dealer takes additional cards until reaching a score of at least 17. A hand that exceeds 21 is a bust.

Soft beats hard, hands down

In blackjack, all card values are crucial to making strategic decisions. Hard and soft cards offer different odds of achieving 21 and beating the dealer.

Though these terms might sound strange, they refer to the two possible hands a player could receive. The strategy for each of these hands is different for the rest of the game.

Soft hand

You’re dealt an Ace and any other card at the beginning of the game. Since the Ace could be worth 1 or 11, you have a soft hand. This flexibility offers gamers an advantage, as they’re confident a hit won’t result in a bust.

Hard hand

Hard hands don’t include a varying Ace value. It can only be worth 1 because adding a card would cause a bust. This hand is risky, as your chances of exceeding 21 are high.

Blackjack card values strategy

Strategy tips to save you from asking for a hand

Do you understand what each card is worth in online blackjack? Now it’s time to fill yer boots with essential tips to help you decide how to play your hand.

Before making any decisions, remember to check the dealer’s upcard. This value determines what you should do next.

Here are a few tips to learn that help to cut the house edge:

  • Stand: Your hand is worth 12–16, and the dealer has 2–6
  • Hit: Your hand is worth 12–16, and the dealer has 7–Ace
  • Double down: Your hand is worth 11, and the dealer has 2–10
  • Hit or double down: Your hand is worth Ace–6
  • Split: You receive a pair of Aces or eights

While we encourage using basic strategies to enhance your gaming experience, remember winning isn’t guaranteed. We care about your safety and offer several tools to keep you gaming responsibly.

Enjoy blackjack with a few simple rules

Improve your winning odds and enjoyment levels by remembering a few simple rules. Once you understand blackjack card values, counting the value of your hand is quick and easy. Our basic online blackjack strategy tips can help you determine the next move you should make.

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