requirements: How to mathematically beat them

Wagering requirements: How to mathematically beat them

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If you’re looking for a gaming establishment to join, you may have come across online casino wagering conditions. What are these requirements, and how can you meet them?

You’re not alone. Wagering requirements confuse many players but understanding them is easier than you think.

Read on to learn more about the importance of these conditions and the types of wagering requirements that exist.

We also tell you how to calculate them and where to find information on withdrawal rules. Stick around to discover the available casino games and the wagering requirements for Mr Bet bonus offers.

what is wargering requirements

Definition of wagering requirements

A wagering requirement is a condition that online casinos apply to bonus offers. It determines your ability to spend or withdraw the winnings you receive from a promotional offer.

A wager is another word for a bet. Wagering requirements are accomplished when the amount you spend and your winnings meet the specified regulations.

These regulations prevent you from withdrawing rewards from bonus offers until you reach a certain amount of bets and wins.

It’s necessary to meet the wagering requirements and any other t’s and c’s before you receive the bonus cash.

Your winnings from promotional offers and free spins are placed into Held Funds. You may use them to play games. You can only withdraw them for cash when you wager the amount required to release your rewards into your wallet.

Once you meet the requirements, your bonus money becomes real cash. The establishment forfeits your promotional funds if you don’t meet the online casino wagering conditions within the specified period.

Can you bypass wagering requirements?

You can’t avoid wagering requirements. You’re subject to meeting the conditions if you claim a casino bonus. However, it’s a small price to pay for the generous promotions out there.

Bonus offers can double or triple your bankroll. They increase your odds and allow you to play more than you would with your original deposit amount. As you play more exciting games, you’ll meet the conditions in no time.

Decline the bonus offers if you want to avoid wagering requirements. Play with a bankroll consisting of only your cash, and you can receive your winnings without additional conditions. In this case, you still need to meet the minimum withdrawal amount.

Another option is to look for a casino with low wagering requirements. Anything under 30x falls into this category. Lower amounts help you meet the target faster and are ideal for low-commitment players.

If you still want to enjoy promotional deals without the online casino wagering regulations, look for establishments offering bet-free bonus offers. However, these promotions usually aren’t as generous, and the game selections typically aren’t as impressive.

What’s the point of wagering requirements?

Many casino players loathe wagering requirements, and some even believe they’re a ploy for the casino to juice more cash. The truth is, these conditions are put in place for legitimate reasons; to protect both you and the establishment.

Casinos implement wagering requirements to comply with anti-money laundering rules. If they weren’t there, criminals could easily wipe the funds illegally by depositing and withdrawing the bonus cash immediately.

You see, wagering requirements are there to ensure nobody abuses the bonus offers. It separates the people who want to play fairly from those who want free money. It’s the only way a casino can offer generous promotions without incurring huge losses.

For example, let’s say there’s a casino bonus of C$150 for signing up and depositing. Without wagering requirements, people could join a casino, make a deposit and take the bonus money.

If 1000 offenders did the same thing, the casino would incur a loss of C$150,000. That’s a considerable amount of money to lose and could even bankrupt some establishments.

As much as online casino bonus wagering requirements may seem annoying, they’re the only reason casinos can offer such generous promotions. It allows them to reward players like you with a shower of gifts, including bonus money and cash, while keeping criminals out.

About wager-free casino bonus offers

Many players despise wagering requirements, and even though they’re a necessary evil, casinos are aware it turns some people away.

Some establishments offer wager-free bonuses to prevent players from being deterred by their regulations.

In other words, players can accept a promotion and withdraw their winnings immediately without waiting to meet the conditions.

Of course, these offers tend to be significantly smaller than bonuses with wagering requirements.

To prevent people from taking advantage of these promotions, casinos offer them in the form of free spins, cashback, and deposit bonuses.

You can only get these deals if you make a deposit first. If you receive free spins, be sure to use them on the selected games only.

Benefits of no wagering bonuses

Wager-free bonuses may not be as generous as their regulated counterparts, but they’re still beneficial. Here are some of their pros:

  • You can withdraw your winnings easily
  • Perfect for players who only want a short-term playing experience
  • You don’t have to wait around to meet wagering periods
  • It prevents you from spending money you don’t want to
how to bet wargering requirements

Calculating the wagering requirements for bonus offers

Now for the exciting part. Get your calculator, and let’s work out the wagering requirements. Why is this important?

It’s crucial to know exactly what’s expected of you because if you don’t meet the conditions, the casino will forfeit your bonus cash.

The wagering requirements for a welcome bonus may seem confusing, but they’re pretty simple.

These conditions tell you how many times you must wager your bonus money before withdrawing the winnings. What does that mean, and how would you know if you’ve met the requirements to receive your bonus cash?

Before you unleash your Einstein and start calculating, you need to know what type of bonus you’re working with. Free spins and deposit offers run on different formulas. You must also determine if the deposit is included or excluded from the online casino wagering conditions.

How to find the wagering amount on free spins

Calculating the wagering amount for free spins bonuses is essential. It helps you figure out how much more you need to bet before you can withdraw the prizes you got from the bonus.

Here’s a simple formula:

(Free spins winnings) x (wagering requirement) = How much you need in bets to meet the wagering requirement.

Here are some examples of this formula in action:

Free Spins Winnings Wagering Requirement Amount in Bets
C$10 5x C$50
C$10 10x C$100
C$10 15x C$150
C$10 20x C$200

Determining wagering amounts on deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses are popular with welcome packages. They give you a specified amount of prize money when you make your first payment.

If it excludes the deposit amount, you only need to work out the requirements based on the bonus you get.

The formula is: (Bonus) x (Wagering) = Wagering requirement

Here’s a table with examples of a deposit bonus that excludes your payment amount:

Bonus Amount Wagering Amount in Bets
C$50 x3 C$150
C$50 x5 C$250
C$50 x10 C$500
C$50 x15 C$750

With some deposit bonuses, your initial payments are part of the formula. In other words, you must include your transaction amount when figuring out the wagering requirement.

The formula is: (Deposit) + (Bonus) x (Wagering) = Wagering requirement

Here’s a table with examples:

Deposit amount Bonus Wagering Amount in Bets
C$20 C$50 x5 C$270
C$40 C$50 x5 C$290
C$60 C$50 x5 C$310
C$80 C$50 x5 C$330
more about wargering requirements

Finding more information on wagering requirements at a casino

Are you ready to learn more about the online casino bonus wagering requirements? It’s easy and quick. There are two main ways to discover more info about the establishment’s bonuses and conditions:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Customer support

Every casino that offers bonuses and promotions has to dedicate a space to show the t’s and c’s to players. It has all the conditions and aspects of the offer, so you can be fully informed before you sign up or make a deposit.

You usually find the t’s and c’s on the casino’s “About’ page” or “Promotional Offers” section. Some sites have a separate area for the terms, conditions, safety information, and other regulations of service.

If you can’t find the t’s and c’s or prefer to ask someone your questions, look for customer support. Most casinos offer this service through email, text, or phone.

Some establishments have a 24/7 chat support option which is incredibly convenient. A select few staff are always online, ready to answer any questions you might have.

A live chat feature is also handy if you’re trying to save time. You won’t have to skim through pages of text to find what you need.

Many casinos allow you to save the chat or send it to your email. It’s convenient as you can refer to it anytime instead of re-reading the t’s and c’s.

Now that you know how to calculate wagering requirements, you’re probably excited to use your bonus. Here are some exciting online slots you can try out:

Ensure you check the t’s and c’s before you use your bonus cash or free spins. Some promotional offers are only applicable to certain casino games.

Wagering requirements at Mr Bet

Ready to enjoy Mr Bets’ generous welcome bonus? We give our Canadian players a four-part welcome package with different online casino wagering requirements on each deposit:

First deposit bonus

When you sign up with us and make your first deposit, you get a bonus worth 150% of your initial payment. The maximum amount is a whopping C$225.

It’s only available within the first five days after registration. The first deposit bonus is wagered at 45x.

Second deposit bonus

Once you make your second deposit, you get a bonus of up to 100%. The maximum amount is an incredible C$450.;

The second deposit bonus is accrued with 40x wagering conditions and only applies within five days after registration.

Third deposit bonus

The rewards keep on coming with Mr Bet. On your third deposit, you get a bonus worth 50% with a maximum amount of C$750.

This bonus is only available within five days after registration. It comes with 40x wagering requirements.;

Fourth deposit bonus

On your fourth transaction, we give you a deposit match bonus of 100% of your payment amount. We process this promotion for up to C$825 with 40x wagering requirements.

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